• 23 Apr 2021
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Article Summary

Gateway Details

Open the gateway details to view more detailed information about your gateway.


Latest heartbeat: The gateways send a heartbeat on start up and every 15 minutes after that.
RSSI: Cellular Signal Strength in dBm. More positive value equals better connection. Read more about installation and dBm here.
Power: Measured voltage from gateway from power supply.


RSSI and Power is updated with every heartbeat (every 15 minutes).

Data usage: Updated every 3 hours and reset every month.
Alias: Gateways nick-name in your system. Use an alias that makes it easy to understand what it does or where its located.
Serial number: Gateways unique serial number.
Description: A brief description on what the gateway purpose is or where it is located.
tags: Short tags for filtering and building groups. Makes organizing sensors and gateways much easier.
Registered: The gateways birth date.
Connected sensors: Number of sensors that sent their last sample through this gateway. Press to view sensor details.
System: System name of parent system. Press to open system view.
+ show more: Press to view advanced details.
Map: Location of gateway.


Location has to added manually in gateway edit or map will not show.

With show more expanded:


Network operator: Currently connected network operator.
IMEI: imei number of cellular module.
Firmware version: Firmware version installed on gateway.
Application version: Application version of gateway application.
RTX version: Neuron radio application version on gateway.


Network operator, Firmware version, Application version and RTX version is updated every 3 Hours and synced with the "Data Usage" update time.

Neuron Actuator

RTX version "RTXv0325" or higher needed to activate Neuron Actuator.

What's Next