Manage system
  • 18 Jan 2023
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Manage system

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Article Summary

Manage system

There are three ways to enter the "Manage system" menu.

  1. From the systems overview click the three buttons.


  1. From the open system click the sprocket.

  2. From the open system click the system name.


System info

System name: Edit the system name.
Description: Edit the system description.
Invoice address: Add or edit the invoice address.

Invoice address

If no invoice address is added within 30 days the system might stop working.

Add an image: Add a system image.

System users

Leave system: Click this if you want to leave the system.

Leave system

You will need a new invite to join the system again.

Users: View, remove and edit who is admin.
Invite user: Invite a user to the system and choose whether the invited user should be admin or not.
Invited users: View and/or remove pending invites.
Tags for manual events: Add predefined event tag.

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